Reson 8101 Multibeam

The Reson 8101 Multibeam Echosounder measures discrete depths,
enabling complex underwater features to be mapped with precision. Dense
coverage is achieved utilizing up to 4,000 soundings per second for a swath
up to 600 meters in width, even as the survey vessel travels at speeds in
excess of 12 knots.

With high accuracy and a measurement rate of up to 40 profiles per second,
the SeaBat 8101 enables surveys to be completed faster and in greater
detail than previously realized.

The SeaBat 8101 transducer is available for operating depths of 120, 300,
1500, and 3,000 meters. Small and lightweight, it can be mounted on underwater vehicles (ROV or towed) and transported to locations
where accurate measurements are required.